Causes Of The Civil War Essay Writing Instructions

The American Civil War is a pivotal part of American history and, as such, is taught to a very great depth in schools and colleges around the country. There are many reasons for why the war broke out and, for this reason, you need clear writing instructions to ensure that your Civil War essay is easy to follow and you can convey your main talking points clearly to your reader.


To gain a clear understanding into why the reasons why the Civil War broke out, it is best to read some primary sources. These are speeches and writings of the main players involved in the Civil War. These primary sources will give you an insight into the motivations of the people involved in the war and how they presented their arguments.

Your main task will be to analyze these sources and answer questions such as whether or not you feel the primary source accurately describes the reasons for the civil war, if it is a reliable source and you own opinion on it.


Your paper needs to follow a clear format that is easy for your reader to understand your pivotal taking points on your essay on Civil War. Therefore, we suggest the following structure to your paper that will make it a breeze for your points to be understood:

  • Introduction: the introduction should state your thesis statement clearly. In this case, you will state what you thought were the causes for the Civil War. You will then give a brief overview to the reader of how you will go about proving your statement.
  • Main body: This is where you will go in depth about why you thought the Civil War began. This is also where you will analyze the sources that you have compiled.
  • Conclusion: In the conclusion you will restate your thesis statement and briefly summarize how you reached that conclusion.

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The key to performing well in your essay is to analyze many different sources and to structure your paper well so that your audience can understand the complexities of the Civil War well.