How To Write The Best Essay About Animal Farm And Surprise Your Professor

Animal farm is a well-known novel by the famous author George Orwell. Due to its great plotline and theme, it makes for a good read for students in school. Many students are tasked with writing an essay based on the novel to test their ability to process a complex text. This article will teach you how to write the best essay about Animal Farm and please your professor in the process.


The analysis of the text will make up a large part of your paper. The aspects of the book that you should focus on analyzing include the plot, characters, themes, literary devices and the historical context of the novel.

For example, if we look at the themes of the novel, we see that the main themes Orwell focuses on are:

  • Totalitarianism
  • Revolution and corruption
  • Class warfare
  • Language as power
  • The Soviet Union

In your analysis of some of these themes you should answer questions such as why Orwell incorporates these themes into novel, how effective they are and whether or not he is successful in conveying his point to the reader.


Your animal farm essay needs to be well structured so that it is easy to understand the points you are making and easy to follow. It is not just the content of your paper that matters but the format is also extremely important. Due to this, we recommend the following simple structure:

  • Introduction: The introduction will include your thesis statement and be an overview for your reader to know what is to come in your paper.
  • Main Body: The mian body will include your analysis of the novel. A good idea is to devote a paragraph to a certain aspect of the novel. For example, the first paragraph can be an analysis of the literary devices, the second one an analysis of the themes, the third an analysis of the characters etc.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion ties up all your points together to state your overarching view. The conclusion re states your thesis statement and a summary of your main talking points.


To produce the best essay on Animal Farm, you will need to choose a unique topic to write about. The following is a list of unique topics based on Animal Farm:

  • Analyze the struggle of power between Napoleon and Snowball
  • Why did Orwell use a fable in his condemnation of the Soviet Union?
  • From whose perspective is Animal Farm narrated?
  • How does Orwell tackle the problem of rhetoric in Animal Farm?
  • How would Animal Farm be perceived by someone without knowledge of the context of the struggle between Stalin and Trotsky?
  • Which characters, if any, represent the view of Orwell?

If you pick any of these unique topic choices then you will be well on your way to success.

We hope that this guide on writing the best paper on Animal Farm is extremely useful to you. If you follow our analysis advice, and pick one of our topics then there is no doubt that you will score high marks in your work.