Things To Remember When Writing An Essay About English Language

Composing an essay on the English language is an interesting task. Usually students are required to craft an essay analyzing a piece of text but this different approach to essay writing can throw many students off track. However, luckily for you, we have made this guide on the things to remember when you are composing a paper of this kind.


An interesting thing to talk about when writing about the English language is to give a history of how the language came out and developed. This will require some research from you, but it will be worth it since not many other students will put in the effort to do this.

To see the origins and history of the language we recommend that you visit your college’s library and take out many books on the topic. You do not need to spend too long in this section, but if you give a brief overview on how the language developed then you will definitely get some bonus marks.


The format of your English language essay is extremely important. The structure of your work should be so that it is easy for your reader to follow and understand all the points you are making. If you fail to do this with your writing then, no matter how great your content is, you will not achieve a high mark for your work. Hence, the following format is the one we highly recommend:

  • Introduction: The introductory paragraph is where you make your overarching statement and give the reader an overview of the topic you will be discussing.
  • Main Body: The main body includes the paragraphs where your main analysis occurs. So this is where you will put your history of the language as discussed before.
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion ties together all the points you have made and gives a brief summary of everything that you have discussed.


There are some excellent English language topics that you could choose that will allow you to explore a lot of the history and analyze the language in great depth. The following list has taken these points into account:

    How has the English language become the dominant language in the world? Is English the closest humanity has come at achieving a universal language? What are the effects of the English Language being the dominant language of the world? Has English replaced other languages? What role do semantics and pragmatics have in understanding meaning? How hard is the English Language to learn compared to other languages? How has English developed in countries where it is the dominant language? How has culture influenced the way in which English is spoken around the world?

These topics will allow you to fully explore the English Language. The uniqueness of the topics on the list will also make your work stand out more and increase the likelihood of you scoring high marks in your paper. Remember to structure you paper properly, as we have outlined in this guide and choose an adequate topic.