What You Need To Know For Writing A Satirical Essay

Your teacher might ask you to write a satirical paper at some point. “What is a satirical essay?” you may ask. This is a type of paper that takes a subject and uses humor, irony, and hyperbole to criticize it. It might be very difficult for some students to complete such an assignment successfully. The first thing you should consider, however, is choosing a good topic to focus on.

A List of Topic Ideas for a Satirical Essay

  1. Letting people get married with anyone and anything they want.
  2. Sending people with obesity to countries that suffer from starving.
  3. Using RPG video games to teach children how to live real lives.
  4. Reducing the work stress by whining about it to everyone.
  5. Creating a matriarchal society as a result of feminism.
  6. Starting a new war to solve the problem of unemployment.
  7. Setting up your coworkers to raise the corporal ladder.
  8. Turning off district heating to help solve the problem of global warming.
  9. Reducing the crime rates by killing potential criminals.
  10. Solving the problem of racial discrimination by eliminating all the races except one.

Tips for Composing a Satirical Essay

  • Choose a topic that you’re concerned about.
  • If you select a subject that you think is really important to discuss and even ridicule, you should concentrate on it. If you have a strong position on the issue and think a lot about it, you’ll be able to come up with plenty of sarcastic arguments to support your point of view.

  • Consider your target audience.
  • Make sure that your audience knows something about the subject of your discussion. If they don’t, they might not understand the majority of your jokes and exaggerations. As a result, your paper won’t be interesting to them.

  • Use different humorous techniques.
  • You should fill your text with hyperboles, ironic statements, exaggerations, and simply jokes. If you convey your arguments without being comical, your paper is likely to be depressing rather than satirical.

  • Operate with facts.
  • Despite the possible absurdness of your topic, it’s recommended to use real facts as the basis for your satirical statements. This way, you’ll be more likely to convey your actual message to the readers rather than just make them laugh.

  • Let somebody read your paper.
  • Not all your jokes might be as funny and your metaphors as smart as you think. It’s advisable to have a few people read your paper before you submit it. If your text doesn’t have the intended effect on them, you should make some changes in it.

Now that you’ve learned more about the nature of satirical papers and topics that they are written about, it should be easier for you to complete such a writing assignment on your own.